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Academic excellence

At Melville Knox Schools we aim after the highest possible standards of education. Our teachers are all of the finest calibre and registered through the General Teaching Council of Scotland. Our schools are committed to small class sizes to give extra focus to each individual pupil’s needs.

Bible-centred teaching

Since God created all things and all knowledge belongs to Him, our schools teach each subject on the curriculum from a Biblical perspective. Christianity affects the whole of life, including how we think and learn and so we teach how to love God with all the heart and mind.

Network of schools

Melville Knox Schools work together to achieve the best in professional practice. We hope to develop schools across Scotland so that all parents can have the opportunity to send their child to a Melville Knox School.

About Melville-Knox

Who are we?

Melville-Knox schools seek to assist parents in carrying out their Biblical privilege and responsibility to educate their children, by the grace of God, and in accordance with His inerrant and infallible Word. We therefore teach each subject on our curriculum from a Reformed perspective. Our goal is to provide the highest possible standard of education, suitable for the widest range of intellectual ability, in an environment which cares for each child as an individual. All our member schools are officially registered with Education Scotland and consequently are subject to external assessment and standards.

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