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About the Board

Melville-Knox schools are part of the vision of the Board of Reformed Christian Education in Scotland (BRCES). The Board is made up of:

Rev. Stephen McCollum (Chairman)

Before becoming minister of Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church, Stephen was the Minister in their Stornoway congregation. Prior to that he was headteacher of Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow (formerly Sunrise Christian School), which began with only three full time pupils but grew to over twenty pupils in two years. Stephen was recently appointed Chairman of the Board of Melville-Knox Glasgow.

Mrs Janneke Fraser (Secretary)

Born in the Netherlands and with a Dutch Social Work degree, Janneke worked for the Edinburgh Social Work Department for seven years. Now living in Glasgow with her husband and five children. She is one of the founders of Melville-Knox (formerly Sunrise) Christian School in Glasgow and the chairperson of its Parents and Friends Group. She is heavily involved in fundraising for Melville-Knox both in Scotland and in the Netherlands.

Mr John Cormack (Treasurer)

John is an experienced businessman and MD of his own company. He has served as a Board Director of Melville-Knox Christian School in Glasgow since its formation as Sunrise Christian School. John is also Chairman of the Scottish Christian Party. He is married with two children which attend Melville-Knox Glasgow and is a Reformed Baptist.

Mr. Jan van Panhuis

Jan is the head of our Dutch charity and is active in raising funds for Melville-Knox schools.

Mr Samuel Markoff

Samuel has over fifteen years of teaching experience, seven of which in Christian schools in Scotland. He took up the post of Head teacher in Lewis Independent Christian School (now Providence) in the Western Isles in 2011, where he taught for five years. Currently the Head Teacher of Melville-Knox Christian School in Glasgow, he is helping to further the BRCES vision of setting up Reformed Christian schools in Scotland. Samuel has a Masters degree in Education with a focus on Applied Linguistics. He also holds a BA Hons degree in English Language and Literature and speaks five languages. In addition, he has a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE Primary) and is registered with the General Teaching Council. Samuel is married with five children and is a member of Hamilton Baptist Church.

Mrs Katie Fraser

After gaining her LLB Honours law degree and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, Katie trained at a global law firm specialising in civil litigation. She qualified as a solicitor in 2016 and currently serves the board in an advisory capacity by offering guidance on legal matters. She is married with two children and a member of Stranraer Reformed Presbyterian Church.

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