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Update from M-K Glasgow

At Melville-Knox Glasgow we are grateful to God for His provision and continue to seek Him as our school grows. In August 2021, we moved premises to accommodate more pupils. The move allowed our school roll to increase from a maximum of 30 pupils to a maximum of 45 pupils. In August 2022, we were thankful to welcome 7 new Primary 1 children, bringing our school roll to 40.

We really do praise God for His provision and we ask that you pray for us as with more pupils there is the need for more staff, volunteers and resources. In that regard, we have also been pleased to welcome a new part-time teacher, Mrs Gamble, and a supply teacher, Mrs Kain.

Our own premises in Sandyhills is still awaiting approval of the building warrant. Once this is approved, renovations can begin. We rejoice in God’s many blessings and pray that He will continue to lead, guide and provide for the needs of our school.  We thank Him too for our dedicated teachers who put Christ at the centre of all they do and daily seek to teach the boys and girls a biblical worldview. This is the foundation of our school and we are filled with thankfulness for the great opportunity to teach the children about the Creator of the world and His great gift of salvation. 

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